Business Intelligence designed to centralize access to all information

Empowers your company, gives you access to BI tools and analyzes data to make quick and informed decisions

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Business Intelligence

Connect, analyze, visualize and decide
by using your business data

conecta datos

Access and connect data

Automate data integration and eliminate spreadsheets and manual reports. Get data that can be processed and that’s ready for analysis in real time. 

Información de negocio

Business information

Get detailed information in multiple ways and sources, from a centralized common point for all users. Allows you to establish interaction between departments and systems.

Generación de informes

Create reports

Visualize your business data in real time, independently of its origin, from flexible control panels and facilitate immediate answers based on predetermined reports.

Gives you the necessary flexibility to work in your data environment

Connect to your data, whether it be on your premises or in the cloud and carry out searches in real time.
Extract the intelligence that your data provides through Business Intelligence tools.

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Entorno de datos
Sistema de BI

A BI system that allows you to connect information

LUCA BDS democratizes data by making it available to many users. Easily access, view and use it from anywhere.

Optimize business processes and increase user efficiency

Get all the information you need from one platform, save money and increase your ROI.
Use the data you have by not having to wait for third parties to give it to you.

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Optimiza procesos de negocio

What does a BI solution offer?

  • Integra
  • Analiza
  • Entorno
  • Conector BD
  • Integrated and centralized tool
    Discover the information behind the data.
  • Analyze data in real time
    Complex data integration processes are not necessary.
  • Collaborative environment
    Share company information easily.
  • Database connector
    Connect thanks to a wide range of connectors.
  • Visualiza
  • Accede a datos
  • Productividad
  • Datos actualizados
  • Real time data visualization
    Create customized reports and charts easily.
  • Interactive visual data analysis
    Allows you to quickly access your business information.
  • Improves the quality of your business processes
    Minimizes response times and increases productivity.
  • Access to up-to-date data
    Get a complete overview of your business.
LUCA BDS total integridad de datos

We know how to help you with BI

  • Eliminates interdependence between departments.
  • Increases the efficiency in business processes: As less interactions are made, the speed of the management and development are increased.
  • Have full access to information in real time: Always complete and with 3A security criteria such as authorization, authentication and auditing.

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