Provides useful information and data analysis for each decision with this BI platform

The BI layer and LUCA BDS´s analytics allows data and metrics to be viewed in real time, on any device, to facilitate the decision making process at all levels of an organization.

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Plataforma de BI y su análisis de datos
Analiza los datos actuales e históricos
Brings together all data through various sources in a unified way so you can see the whole picture with relevant and real data.
Empowers business users to visualize and analyze data through an intuitive interface, while maintaining control of the data and minimizing BI labor-intensive tasks.
Analyze current and historical data to identify future risks and opportunities.
Keep your data safe with data security functions like labeling confidentiality, end-to-end encryption and real time access control.

Share reactive data and
turn it into a proactive process

Analiza los datos actuales e históricosAnaliza los datos actuales e históricos

Analyzes dashboards on video wall devices to alert departments of business inconsistencies.

Stay up-to-date by viewing data and keeping a real time analysis of trending topics in your organization.

Carry out analyses easily that are useful: It will help you see and understand the data.  Frome simple metrics to complex analytical techniques.

Interpret and analyze data to make better business decisions

  • Transform unprocessed data
    In easy-to-understand visualizations for data-driven decision making.
  • Create queries of selected data
    To share content and information through connected tracking.
  • Explore data through interactive filters
    To quickly find answers to business questions.
  • Create and share live visualizations
    Set up dashboards in minutes, in a flexible and scalable way, with customized charts and maps.