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Actualizaciones de la plataforma LUCA BDS
Interfaz gráfica LUCA BDS

Complete overhaul of our graphic interface, both in terms of design and technologies used


Great improvements have been made to LUCA’s charts. Now you will be able to create new types of charts, combine line, area and columns to the charts.  You will have many more configuration options, plus the development of light and dark modes.

In addition, improvements have been made to authentication, user authorization and usability.

Geopositioning of assets through interactive maps


This feature allows full user interaction with the maps, as well as automatic filtering of dashboard information when interacting with the map.
LUCA BDS connects with Google Maps and shows you the geographical position of all your assets.

New HTML type graphics

It will allow the user to define and visually present his own data obtained from different sources of information. We have included a new interface that allows you to work better with the data display.

mapas interactivos LUCA BDS